Discovering Health Naturally
Morgan Sensabaugh DC is a graduate of Parker University College of Chiropractic.
He graduated with honors in Dec. 2012
Dr. Sensabaugh has over 200 hours of Applied Kinesiology course training under Dr. Evan Mladenoff and Dr. JJ Gregor. Dr. Sensabaugh is certified in Applied Kinesiology and will continue his study in pursuit of Diplomate status. (Diplomate is the equivalent of a specialist in the medical field)
Dr. Sensabaugh completed an internship at Universidad Estatal del Valle de Ecatepec in Mexico during his time as a chiropractic clinic intern. He is still learning Spanish and hopes to be able to serve the Spanish speaking community in the Batesville area.

Dr. Sensabaugh's philosophy is based on a whole body wellness approach to healthcare. Dr. Sensabaugh advocates lifestyle changes to help his patients experience total body health and happiness. He believes that the power that made the body heals the body, and that the removal of interference to the body's communication system and stress on body systems will allow self healing to begin. He also believes that a natural, conservative approach is always the best option for prevention of disease and maintaining wellness. Dr. Sensabaugh is passionate about helping patients learn how to develop a healthy lifestyle and feel good consistently.