Discovering Health Naturally


Batesville Chiropractic Wellness is proud to serve the Batesville community by providing:

  • Chiropractic care- Restoring balance and harmony to your nervous system



  • Applied Kinesiology muscle testing- Testing muscles for facilitation/inhibition is our window to determine what is working and not working in the body, and how to correct it.



  • Nutritional testing and counseling- Lebowitz nutritional protocol is a bio-magnetic muscle testing techniques that can tell you exactly what your body does and doesn't need.



  • Exercise counseling- Do the right physical activity greatly impacts the progression of your health



  • Stress relief counseling- Removing the stress in your mind is the best way to help with the stress in your body



  • Nutritional supplements- A variety of high quality nutritional products are available for purchase in our office. These are the finest quality and highest purity supplements you can find anywhere.
  • Blood testing for general wellness markers, food sensitivities, and more is now available