Discovering Health Naturally

Patient information

Financial Policy:
Batesville Chiropractic Wellness is a payment at time of service establishment. However, payment plans can be arranged if necessary. 

Exams are billed according to the complexity of the conditions involved.

Wellness treatments include chiropractic evaluation, muscle testing, and acupressure, and any adjustments or manual therapies deemed necessary. Most treatment sessions last 15 to 30 min.

Cash, check, and credit/debit cards are accepted. If you have insurance, please bring your card on the first visit so we may verify it and determine your copay. Note that a few of the techniques used in this office are cutting-edge and not covered by insurance. It is the policy of Batesville Chiropractic Wellness not to turn away patients due to the inability to afford service.

When to expect results:
The results/success of your treatment will depend on a few factors. First, how healthy your body is to start with. Healthier people see faster results. Secondly, the complexity or severity of your case. Your current lifestyle, including diet, exercise, and stress level also are factors. The more closely you follow the lifestyle counseling provided by Dr. Sensabaugh, the faster your results will come. Ideally, patients will see results within the first few weeks of care. It is the goal of Dr. Sensabaugh to move patients toward the wellness phase of care; where treatment is only required once or twice per month and in some cases every two to three months.

What is expected of the patient:
Wellness care requires active participation from the patient during and after treatment. This may include changes in diet and exercise habits, as well as mental and physical changes to promote stress relief. These lifestyle changes may seem difficult at first, but once they become habits they get much easier because you will find yourself leading a more healthy, happy, and productive lifestyle.

What to expect from the doctor:
Dr. Sensabaugh is passionate about helping people get well and stay well. He will make your exam as thorough as possible, and give you his undivided attention during treatment. Dr. Sensabaugh will attempt to answer any questions you may have, and will offer you his best effort to help you understand your body and your health.